Honey For A Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt

This book was included in some home school curriculum I had purchased and I thought I would pass it on to you. This is a book about great literature and the life it can give your children as well as your family. This is an idea that I fully employ at our house. I would rather snuggle up and read some beautiful, whimsical prose over t.v. watching any day. 

This book is an easy read, especially since the last half of the book is a list of books for each age group.  I am excited to check out all of the books on her list and find our family many new favorites. Her insight is challenging. You should read the opening line of the original The Little Mermaid with it's rich poetic tones that make the soul come alive. Then compare it to the dribble that Disney put out about a mergirl meeting a merboy. The beauty and depth vanished. This is a guide to help your children find it again. There is also an excellent chapter about reading the Bible with your family each day.

Of course, books are not to be worshipped and this one had a few books in it that I would not read to my children. You have to use discretion about everything you read to your family. For the greater part, I highly recommend it and encourage you to pick it up. Reading things that are not dumbed down to your children will have life long effects. Happy reading.


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