Is the Bible Reliable?

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a training for The Truth Project. It is an engaging classroom style dvd curriculum on the Bible produced by Focus on the Family. This is another course along those same lines. It would be an excellent place to start for new or uneducated believers and unbelievers alike. The films are top notch and you find yourself wrapped up in the adventure of trying to find out if we can trust the Bible for accuracy. I highly recommend it. It would be great for a small group, church study, or homeschool. 

Publisher's Description:Is the Bible a book of myths and fairy tales, or is it a book of history and truth? This DVD series provides a thorough overview of major archaeological and historical discoveries that demonstrate the historical reliability of the Bible. The material presented in the ten lessons (approximately 25 minutes each) will help you to respond to critical arguments against the historicity of the Bible with solid evidence, and gain a better understanding of the geography, culture, and history of events in the Bible. 

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This dvd series was graciously given by Tyndale Publishers for review.


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