Gomer's Building Up

You might be wondering who on earth these people are and what they are doing. Well, I don't know. Yesterday, my husband and our live-in college student, Aaron were building exterior storm windows for our house. I had just spent two hours at the dentist getting my teeth pounded by implements and I did not venture into the carriage house turned work shop to photograph any of it. I found these ladies on the world wide web and thought it looked pretty close to what they made. 

Windows in modern day homes have energy efficient double pane windows.You see, our windows are single pane. Some of them are no pane. We are trying to remedy this by building exterior windows for all of our windows. This will greatly help our heating and cooling. We have done two years of research into the best way to build windows and here we are building. Next week, I will try to get you and actual picture of the windows we are making. This will of course be an ongoing project since we have about 48 windows. 

I have been getting my art work ready to sell at our community festival coming up in October. I had an idea to take some antique window frames and make them into picture frames for my photography. I will let you know how it goes. 

We will also be hosting an event in October to raise money to help some friends adopt two orphans from Russia. 

Passionate about Restoration.


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