Gomer's House: A Fall Groove

 We are safely back at home, friends. It was a crazy ride that started when we left home May 18th. It's September. What happened? All the clothes that I packed to take for my 6 month old daughter don't even fit her anymore. She's rounding in at 9.5 months. Now, we are on to all of our doctors appointments. ( month well check, excellent. She's tiny, but healthy. We all went to see our dentist today and I apparently need a little work done. I might be terrified. Tomorrow, it's the eye doctor for me. Then on to the dermatologist. Thrilling stuff, isn't it.

Here is one our first projects since being at home. We are putting up foam board on all of our ceilings to add an additional layer of insulation and sound proofing. It is amazing how much it all helps. I am personally trying to work on the dining room/ foyer area. How do you say foyer? I heard one person say it "four year" and it took me hours to figure out what he was talking about. I digress. I am trying to get all the wood stripped down. It's about 3/4 done. We need to insulate it, foam it, and drywall it. Then, o then, I get to stain the floor. I am truly excited for this day. Come help and speed this process up. I'll cook you something exquisite and serve you some sweet tea. 

the bottom of my new Sanuks.


Rachelle said…
i would love to help u guys. I have a two year old. I don't think i could get any work done..haha

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