Guest Blogger - Brent Weber

A friend of mine sent me this note which was resultant of his prayer time. I thought it was interesting. What do you think?

Good Samaritans in Life

You know I get so frustrated in life seeing Christ followers whose actions differ so much.

You have those who are walking down the path, but instead of focusing ahead on God and Jesus, they are walking backwards, focused on the things of the world. They may be walking the right direction, but only in motion.

You have those who are following the path and their sole focus is God and Jesus. They are so focused on this goal they actually will never reach of their own doing. They do not let their eyes waver from the goal. Though there are others walking the same road, they ignore them and kind of push past them. Those who are walking along backwards will cross their gaze every once in a while and they mutter something under their breath and quicken their pace a bit so as to hurry and get past them. Without realizing it they accidentally bump that person and knock them to the ground.

Then you have the others. They are walking forward in the right direction, but mindful of those around them. They see those broken down on the side of the road. They see those not able to walk well, but trudging along. They see those who are walking backwards. They see those who have been tripped. They see those who have given up and are slowly trudging in the wrong direction.

These people though realize this is not a race. You see a race is something you run knowing the outcome is in your hands, knowing your efforts can decide the winner.

We are called to be the latter group. Just as the good Samaritan stopped and helped, not just a person on the side of the road, not just a stranger, but an enemy, we are called to do the same. Make sure you are helping those on the side of the road. Help those that have fallen, get up and hold their hand as they walk with you. When one of those walking backwards hooks their heel and stumbles, catch them, turn them around, put your arm around them and walk shoulder to shoulder with them. Those who are struggling to walk, hold their hand and encourage them.

Remember that no matter how fast you run, you cannot cross the finish line by your own efforts.

Eternity is going to be a party. I want to hear those angels hootin and hollerin when me and my buddies arrive.


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