Your God-Given Authority

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I have another challenge for you this week. 

Use the authority that has been given to you. God has been speaking to me about authority and the power it contains. In Luke 10:19 we are told that we have been given all authority to trample on the darkness.He has also been showing me how we act out our lack of belief in this gift every day. My challenge to you is to use your God-given authority in your home and with your friends.

Authority does not need to raise it's voice to be heard. It does not need to yell at it's spouse. It does not need to threaten or manipulate. It cannot condemn or ridicule. It speaks truth. It is kind. Authority speaks and trusts God to bring about the outcome. Authority leaves vengeance to God. 

What if you could speak healing in your home? I am not just talking about your sick children. What if, even just for a day, you spoke with authority and God used your voice to speak something into being? What if  speaking blessing could heal an addiction to pornography in your family, bitterness that needs to be let go, or bring a child to salvation? What if? What if you found out that you are contributing to the very thing you pray against because of your refusal to use your words the way God intended you to? What if you refused to get angry or frustrated and you utilized self-control? You have the authority to bring life to your home. Bring it.


    [self-kuhn-trohl, self-] 
control or restraint of oneself or one's actions, feelings, etc.
Authority is exercised through our spoken word. 
The power of life and death are in the spoken word: 
 "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: 
and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." -Proverbs 18:21

This picture makes me laugh. It is a slide through an otter pool. It appears as if top half of Laomai is ahead of the bottom.
a normal one

The Jerusala Tulipuzi blooms for the 3rd year! I know you have all been waiting anxiously since last year to see my Amaryllis in bloom again.

*pictures from the Waco Zoo and my front porch.


Anonymous said…
This has blessed me. Thank you Stephanie for being obedient to GOD the Father and our Elder brother JESUS CHRIST. I was talking to DADDY this morning when I was thinking about the authority HE has given me (us)and how its HIM in me that people will share things about themselves that they would not naturally share that could hurt them if shared with the wrong person. I realize its the GOD in me that they are sharing with not my carnal self. I am honored that GOD would entrust me with such. Question what position are we in on our jobs in the church that gives us that like authority? Never violate a person's privacy and confidence because you then violate your authority which is abuse. Pass the test in your authority and be wise not in your own eyes but in HIM.
Thank you Stephanie again for the article. 2GDBGY
Anonymous said…
Thank you Stephanie and continue on doing what GOD called you to do and I know that the vision GOD has given you and your husband about the no cost svc and missions and missionaries is already in the works. If HE told you both HE just wanted you to accept and believe and expect because its done in the spirit time for manifestation lol be blessed!


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