Forty Days of Kindness-Day Four

It's day four. I took a packet of post-its and wrote on them,

"You are beautiful.
God loves you."

I was thinking out where I would get to plant them when my husband stepped on a (hundred year old) rusty nail and I had to take him to get a tetanus shot. So I planted them at the clinic, the pharmacy, HEB, and the post office. I have also been leaving people notes in sidewalk chalk out in front of my house as I play with my daughter. What wacky things will I do tomorrow? Stay tuned. I have to say that having a secret mission makes going to the grocery store way more fun. Try it for yourself.
Happy birthday, Emily!


Emily said…
Thank you for the note, Steph! I'm going to claim the birthday and the fact that I'm beautiful and God loves me. I love this project of yours. I'm reading daily!
Anne Smith said…
you are a wacky beautiful Jesus freak! dang those rusty nails! but yay for clinics and grocery stores! mission fields for sure!
dshay said…
my beautiful wife also did plenty of "non-random" acts of kindness today by taking care of me and getting things for me. i'm pretty gimpy right now, so she's been very thoughtful and helpful, even helping me lug all my gear out to my car. thanks stephi! I love you! and I think your "acts of kindness" has been so encouraging.

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