Where To From Here

I have been pondering something lately. It is about beauty. There is such a flux of Christian women's material about us believing we are beautiful and lovely. I think it is wonderful. I know that this is an area the enemy attacks and we are left feeling repulsive and unusable. I think, however, it can be like any good thing. It can become an idol. It can lead us to pride. Yes, learn what God says about you. Then, move on. Once you know who you are in Christ you must move to the next step or that knowledge is fruitless. Many days you must love, give, serve and not be concerned with how you feel about yourself at all. You have to lay that perception of yourself down and continue on the journey. Don't you think that some of the most beautiful people are the ones least concerned with being perceived as beautiful..the humble serving saint? Press on to the next step. There is a specific place God has you to go to next. Go with Him. There is something else He desires to teach you. Learn from Him. He wants you to be focused on His beauty. Turn away from the mirror and behold His face.

In direct opposite to this, the cultivated field has yielded itself to the adventure of living. The protecting fence has opened to admit the plow, and the plow has come as plows always come, practical, cruel, business-like and in a hurry. Peace has been shattered by the shouting farmer and the rattle of machinery. The field has felt the travail of change; it has been upset, turned over, bruised and broken, but its rewards come hard upon its labors. The seed shoots up into the daylight its miracle of life, curious, exploring the new world above it. All over the field the hand of God is at work in the age-old and ever renewed service of creation. New things are born, to grow, mature, and consummate the grand prophecy latent in the seed when it entered the ground. Nature's wonders follow the plow. 


Carla Jo said…
oooh Baby how cool would it be to have $1,000,000 to buy our own city! Seriously, I love the way you think through God's Words! Thank you for always being His instrument. Merry Christmas - Come see us!!!

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