I Cannot Deny the Cross

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(Anne drew this picture of me with her eyes closed at an art class we took. It's a great likeness.)

A week ago we gave every penny we had to a lady at American Title. I asked if I could have all of the pens in the office because I could no longer afford to buy Christmas presents. She said, "sure thing, sug," and handed me thirty pens. I hope it doesn't spoil the surprise, but I got all of you friends and family a "real nice" pen for Christmas! 
In all seriousness, the events of our lives over the past year have been amazing and defeating. The beauty of being in Christ is that the defeat makes the amazing more beautiful. I am overwhelmingly grateful and humbled to have been written into the Father's love story. God has appointed this specific thing for me. The enemy may try to gain the glory for it, but I know God in His sovereignty appointed it for me. I give it back to Him to do with as He chooses.

Today I went to the Dr and learned that I could have had healthy twins, but instead I sat there with an empty womb and a disheartening prognosis. All of the things I have been thinking about lately were coming together today as I sat in the waiting room. I thought about Jesus and the nativity. I thought about how very often tragedy is God's plan. To deny that fact we would have to deny the cross. I cannot deny the cross. I cannot deny that pain has allowed me to feel much more than I could have with out it. Life has very often come to me through processing the effects of death. 
Mostly my own.

Today, I am awe struck at creator God. In January God gave me a word in prayer. Elkanah. God creates. He brings something spectacular from nothing at all. We own a house. It is as empty and as void of life as I am. It is in as much disrepair as I am. I know that as we slowly and carefully restore every square inch of this house that God Himself will restore us. I am thankful for the daunting task that lay ahead and the Creator God that will bring it to fruition. 
(picture by Pauly Vliet - used without permission :O)

Now for something lighthearted. I was tagged by kynasaul.blogspot.com

I have been tagged again.

8 T.V. Shows I like:
If I watched tv, I would be addicted to Court tv, the food network, & hgtv. I do see the occasional Veggie Tales episode.

8 Restaurants I Enjoy:
1. Juan in a Million
2. Garcia's
3. Truluck's
4. Romeo's
5. Trattoria Lisina
6. Manuel's 
7. Bordeaux's
8. The Oasis

8 Things that Happened Today:
1. set up Shiloh at noon
2. Went to see Dr Gooch
3. Mom brought Laomai home
4. ate Sonic for supper on the fly!
5. took Laomai to hang out with Anne, Steve, Syd, Ben, and Scout (Scout out the land!)
6. Shiloh
7. talked to my mom on the phone
8. blogged

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
1. BSF Thursday
2. coffee with Kristi
3. cleaning the house tomorrow
4. NOGS with Tanya and Christine
5. Moving Day!
6. a working bathroom!
7. digging into scripture to go and share at MOPS (shout out to Kyle/Buda Mops!)
8. a fire and the Eiland's jacuzzi! (house sitting)

8 Things on My Wishlist:
1. Spiritual growth for myself and my family (stolen from Kyna)
2. 300,000 dollars!
3. a big family
4. snakeskin boots
5. Laomai to know and love Jesus quickly
6. a date with my husband
7. Rain
8. Christmas festivities and the live nativity

People I Tag:
1. Anne (Lively) Smith
2. Tammy Jaso
3. Tiffany Atwood


I love you Stephanie.
Steph Cherry said…
I love you, Tammy!
nicole's nickel said…
I was catching up on blogs last night and today. Your writing made me think of 2 Corin 12:7-10. Boast in those weaknesses, sweet sister Christ's power looks good on you. There is some amazing stuff on here this time around! I am excited to know that you are speaking to the ladies at MOPS!!! I will be praying!

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