One Twelfth of One Candle

Today, our sweet baby girl turns four weeks old. Where has the time gone? They grow up so fast. This first month of life has been decadent and rich with blessing. We have been learning who she is as she has been learning who we are. It fascinates me. It humbles me. The fact that God trusts us with His children is far beyond my comprehension. We celebrate this miracle today.
If you are free at 6:36 p.m., come on by for some cake!

Happy one month, Laomai!


Melissa said…
Cake!? I'm totally there!

You're daughter is absolutely beautiful! :-) said…
Thank you, my dear friend. People with good looking children have to stick together! ;-)
Tiffany Atwood said…
What a beautiful baby girl. Happy One Month, Laomai! said…
Tiffany! She sends her regards. :) Thank you.

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