Let Your Faith Share You

We attended The Greenhouse Gathering at Alamo City fellowship in San Antonio last night. Neil McClendon was speaking. Here are a few quotes I would like to share. May the Holy Spirit speak to you and you enjoy Him.

"* Stop trying to share your faith. Let your faith share you.
People have heard the Gospel, but they have not seen it with flesh on.

* We have learned manners, but few of us have learned to eat.

* Get over yourself. Today's churches sell a "Christianity" that more and more allows us to fall in love with ourselves.

* Affirmation comes from men. Authority comes from God. Immerse yourself in the message.
What kind of acreditation is on your life? A lot of people are looking for a piece of paper. Only God can grant authority. Don't get caught up on signs and wonders. Jesus acreditates. The life of Jesus is verifiable.
The church puts the fear of man all over you.

* When is the last time you said anything that cut people to the heart?

*A preacher was remarking on how Neil's church was growing. He asked who their target audience was. GOD is their target audience. He said we should be ashamed for trying to pick and choose who we share the Gospel with.

*The Gospel came to you on it's way to someone else.

*Prophets came to us from the desert, not the temple, Denbigh Cherry."


Melissa said…
'the Gospel came to you on its way to someone else'

I like that! Sheds a different light.
Kyna said…
"Get over yourself." That was a word that the Holy Spirit laid on my heart for the girls' retreat that I taught this weekend. It came to me as I was praying for the last session on relationships.

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