His Permanence

Over the last few months I have devoured many a baby book. One of my favorites (second only to To Train Up A Child) is Baby 411 (given to me by my lovely friend Tiffany Atwood). In this book I read that babies have no concept of our permanence for the first few months of life. This means that when they cannot see us we no longer exist to them.

A few short days later this theme re-emerged to me in a devotional speaking about God's permanence. As soon as I read it, I stopped and stared at it. I knew what was coming. This was not a coincidence. The book is Praying the Names of God. The name I was on was
Yahweh Tsuri. The Lord My Rock. Yahweh Tsuri gave me a swift rebuke that day. He revealed to me how limited my own view of His permanence was. Even when I cannot see Him working, God is still at work. God is still bringing rest and answering the cries of His people. God is still God whether I trust Him to be there or not. I am praying that my own concept of His permanence be enlarged.

"You humble me Lord
Humble me Lord
I'm on my knees empty
You humble me Lord
You humble me Lord
Please, please, please forgive me"

-Norah Jones, Feels Like Home album 2004


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