A Myriad of Emotions

In 2 short days, Denbigh and I migrated through Hays, Travis, McClennan, and Bosque counties. In the span of forty-eight hours, I felt the high and low of my existence. Let me lay out for you what I experienced.

Picture it, Monday 12 p.m. in Meridian, Texas. Meridian is your typical small town- quaint and filled with historic old buildings. Denbigh fell in love with this old run down Bed & Breakfast.

Entering the scene- my dad. Imagine an incredibly handsome, well-aged, older gentleman who is part Denbigh Cherry and part John Wayne. I guess that would look like a gun toting teddy bear. We eat at Zapata's for some Excellent Mexican cuisine. I give them four gold stars.

Leaving there we see a car we recognize. It is my maternal grandmother who has pretty much disowned our family since my grandfather died a few years ago. My husband thinks it will be fun to force our way into her life and take some pictures with her. She acts like nothing has ever happened and everyone has been avoiding her. All I know is that God desires to love the sinners and the selfish. I will continue to love as He tells me to even when it is never returned.

Off to my other grandmother who has just had her pacemaker (sp?) replaced. She is napping. She is doing well. She has always been the fiesty one. Her life which is now winding down has been one full of Life. She and Daddy Bo used to trade his oil paintings for bread and meat so they could live. Now they hang in the White House. They have entertained 4 presidents in their home and it is full of artifacts of a life passionately lived. I am grateful to have seen them live.

My dad's house is set upon a hill overlooking the most beautiful hill country I have ever seen. It inspires me to creativity. It is a place I easily connect with God because of the beauty, silence, and solitude. I miss it more than I can say.
I realize that I have a great need for it in my life.

Tuesday~ my high~ Seeing my friend Kyna filled with the Holy Spirit as she teaches passionately about the Word of God to a community Bible study where women from all walks of life gather. She is learning to trust Him. Her anointing moved me to tears. God is at work. Her oldest daughter, Shelby, also accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. God is beautiful and gracious to us. My friend Colleen and her husband have taken in foster children and God is stretching them. I am blessed to see Him at work in the lives of friends.

God, you amaze me.

Denbigh and our nephew, Cooper. Credit Denbigh with his hairdo.


Unknown said…
It sounds like a wonderful trip! Family, friends, and the Holy Spirit... love them all!
Unknown said…
P.S. Welcome home, we missed you.
22One7.org said…
Hi Emily~ where is Mama?? Thank you for the welcome home. it is lovely to be home.

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