Leading With Love

Isaac from "The Love Boat"

*This is the loot of a blog heist. I saw it on Justin Childer's blog and had to share.*

"Alexander Strauch has a new book called Leading With Love. It is fantastic!

The first chapter is an exposition of
1 Corinthians 13:1-3. His outline is penetrating and powerfully faithful to the text. The point of this text is that love for other believers is indespensible to please God and build His Church.

1. Without Love Even Heavenly Language Sounds Annoying

2. Without Love Knowing It All Helps No One

*{my fav}*
Knowledge without love inflates the ego and deceives the mind.

*Strauch describes what I want to avoid: "His theology was as clear as ice and twice as cold."

3. Without Love Risk-taking Faith is Worthless
*Too often Christians are concerned about hidden truth, but indifferent about loving difficult people.

4. Without Love Giving All One's Money to the Poor is Unprofitable

5. Without Love The Ultimate Sacrifice of One's Life is Pointless"

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