I Hate Victoria's Secret

First, let me say that there is nothing clandestine about what our skanky Miss Victoria is doing. I see it on CNN.com with advertisements in bras and underwear. I write them a letter and quit going. I see it on MSN and in pretty much every news magazine and paper I pick up. It's nasty. Why would any respectable publication want to mingle with something of their quality?

A few years ago I got really convicted about shopping there because I heard countless tales from my Christian friends who have husbands who are attacked by their publication & ads. There is nothing discrete about them. They flaunt nudity and incite lust in public places. Yesterday I was moved to a new level of incense! I went into the mall and in all their big open windows were mannequins in disturbing poses wearing thong underwear and tiny bras. I want to complain to everyone I know. I would NEVER take my child to a place like that. I don't even want to take my husband. Christian men get attacked enough. They don't need strippers who say they are upscale in their view everywhere they turn.We bought the lie. Basically, there is no such a thing as a "Gentleman's club." That's the view you get through their window-except you don't have to tip. So, I will write some letters and state how appalled I am and continue my boycott!
I also have now informed you nice people.

Modesty is a beautiful thing.
It is not celebrated enough.


Unknown said…
I will join you in your boycott.
22One7.org said…
Great, let's picket!

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