"Scarecrow Bonfire"

"During a time of prayer, someone I know once said,"God let us be like scarecrows approaching a bonfire as we enter into your presence and into your truth." It struck me as an odd analogy at the time but the more I thought about it the more it stuck with me til it was the image I saw every time I opened my Bible or led worship. Entering into the presence of God, be it through worship or Bible study or whatever, should be a state changing event.

Like a scarecrow made of straw, we should instantly combust when God's fire - the light, heat, and consequence of the reality of who God is - is brought to bear on us. And when the smoke clears and the heat dies down, we shouldn't be the same as we were before. It's the posture and attitude we should carry into worship because it is an excellent litmus test. If you are able to walk away from the bonfire unscathed
. . .either you aren't a scarecrow
or there was no bonfire."

-Eric Vardeman

Denbigh met Eric in Missourri this summer and was impressed by his heart. I must say, I am as well.

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