Bible in a Year

Just moments ago I turned the last page of Revelation finishing a year long commitment to read the Bible in a year. This is the first time I have finished it in exactly one year. It has been the year of tremendous growth and hearing the voice of God for me. The Word of God is living and active. It has proved to me more valuable than any Bible study or sermon. It was just Him and me. This, I believe is the beginning of a life long journey of reading the Bible each year in different translations.

I encourage you to do the same.

Each day you can receive emails from
  • Bible in a Year
  • and you can read it in your email. You can listen to it at
  • Blue Letter Bible
  • (and look up Greek and Hebrew) or at
  • Bible Gateway
  • . I often got encouraged from the daily email and read the daily portions in my own Bible. I also did Kay Arthur's inductive study marking technique.


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