From His Hand

For all things come from You, and out of Your own hand we have given to You.
1 Chronicles 29:14 b

I have recently begun research for a new book about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. As I am talking with people, I am finding that most people have little to no idea what God through the Spirit is doing for them. They think they make choices and set before themselves spiritual goals for each day. God's Word says He chose us. He calls us. He draws us to repentance.

The reason I am enamored by this verse is that it confirms what God is showing me about Himself. He does everything. It is like lover's prose,"even what we give to You came from Your own hand."

What ministry of the Holy Spirit do you think most people miss?


Unknown said…
Love it! I'm ready to read it now.

Interesting question. My response: He is still so new to me. How many ministries does he have? I don't believe I'm done discovering them, so I don't think I am qualified to answer it.

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