Theology and Antics

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Children of the Day is so good, friends. I am always amazed at the depth of tenderness Paul shows to the people in the church. His angst for the well-being of every one in the church it a beacon of light to us all. I keep praying that we could be Christ to everyone, even those who aren't living up to their part. May we err on the side of grace.

If you have seen my signs on Etsy, you have been given a peek into my prayer journal. Most of the words come to bear fruit on wood because I have been meditating on them and praying them. When you buy one, you are getting a little chunk of my prayer life. I pray for the person who will receive that sign. I yearn for God's word to bear fruit in their lives. Also, I love to pray. If you ever have a need for someone to pray over you, please let me know. It would be my pleasure.

I've been meditating on the second part of Psalm 119:37

"Revive me in your way."

Here is another crazy band guys update. Note: when you stay up until two in the morning, you lose your senses. 

I bought the fellas some Big League gum balls. I think they were pumped.

This interesting love tester is at the Huntsville movie theatre.
The fellas made this movie at two in the morning. It makes me think of Jon Acuff's Jesus Juke. 
Happy Thursday.


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