He Bought Out Target

Do you remember how exhausted you were after a week of camp? It's a deep kind of tired that there are no words for. I don't even remember what week we are on here. Five maybe. It's intense tired. All of my people are sickly. The warfare is intense. I cannot even describe to you what the pastors and church leaders who pass through this building come against in the trenches over here. We are on a wild mission field. The battle for lives and Kingdom dominion is very real. Pray. I know that Jesus hears us. Today, one of the pastors told me she was overwhelmed by peace after warfare at a precise time of day yesterday. She had no knowledge of the fact, but it was the exact time the camp wives and I were praying for them. We serve a beautiful, powerful God.

My sweet husband and my three girls have some sort of respiratory funk. It is a yearly occurrence. The camp cough. Denbigh lost his voice and could not sing for two days. You could see where that would cause a problem. (side note:Austin and Chad sang in his stead. I was so proud of those men rising up) Today, my man headed to the doctor and he gave him some cough syrup (and some ridiculous antibiotics that he doesn't need). Hopefully, he will be on the mend asap. He is sounding better today.

During the lengthy amount of time it takes to get a prescription filled, my man was alone, waiting, in Target. This should NEVER happen, y'all. The man spent nine hundred thousand dollars on toys for my girls. I may be exaggerating, but he went crazy. He kept trying to justify it by saying that they were sick. My sweet Lulu had to miss her last day of VBS today because she was coughing so much. I ached in my heart as she cried. So, we have watched movies and played with millions of dollars of toys today.

Anywho, love y'all. Grace and peace to you from the Lord Jesus Christ.
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maggie may said…
your family is cute. and we love y'all bunches.

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