From the Depths of YouTube

I'm still feeling under the weather, y'all. I'd love for you to say a little prayer for me. It just comes in waves. On another note, our two littles went to the waterpark over at The Wild today. They had a blast and we were able to see big sissy Lulu. Our one year old started shouting, "Sissy!!!" It was the cutest. The counselors were sharing with me how much they enjoyed Lulu and her insight at Bible times. What a gift to my mama heart. We go pick her up tomorrow morning.

*If you have a chance, say a prayer for the staff here. They work so hard to serve these kids and each other.

I have really enjoyed the week with my two littles. We have had lots of time one on one. We have read books, colored, swam, watched princess movies, & sported tiaras. It was magical. It has been special to me. I liken it to when you get to go on a date with your man.

I gave a little money to help some people adopt a boy named Titus. I thought you might like to help too. Here is their blog. The Brewer Blog

In case you wonder what band guys do after worship (when they are too hyped up to go to bed)...they watch stuff like this:

and they come across the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I mean this had to be pulled from the deepest, darkest realms of YouTube.

So, there you have it. We've all gone crazy. Pray for us. Happy Friday.
love y'all.


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