Don't Let the Bought Air Out

You know that feeling you get when you are coming to the end of a summer cold. It's as though your head might be swimming in a foreign substance and you can't quite fully wrap your mind around one single thing. This is my head this very day. I don't need sympathy. I'm in good spirits. I just haven't been out in the public much this week. I've been keeping our cold in house. I'm kind of grateful for it. It made me sit down. The more I sit down, the more I read and pray. The thing I love about having a prayer journal is that I can go back through it at any given time to petition the Lord for someone I had written a request for. I don't even have to be completely coherent. Sometimes, I'll just put my finger on their name and pray the Father's love to wash over them or simply say, "Come, Lord, Jesus." I know he hears me. How great the Father's love for us. 

Let's talk about some things that lack all depth. The cool conditioned air (aka bought air) was going out in my car so I had my sweet Mercury serviced. Two hundred and seventy bucks later, I'm as chilly as a snowman. While we were waiting for my car, we popped over to the Sam Houston Homestead. The girls love that duck pond. There were tons of baby chicks all over the place. Sweet memories. It reminded me of all the baby chicks I used to chase around my Papa's place and the radishes I stole from his garden.

Moving on to even less depth, I bought some cute clothes. I always laugh when I see "what to wear segments." I have no idea why. I think it's because I just can't take myself that seriously. I have decided to show y'all anyway. That'll be coming soon. I'm the kind that will pair a seventy dollar shirt with Goodwill pants. I like a nice casual elegant feel. So, my favorite place to buy shirts is Cold Water Creek. Did you know they are going out of business? My mama gave me gift cards there all the time. Can't we sacrifice another store in its place, like say The Dress Barn? Who even shops there? I tried to go in there once, but all I kept thinking about was cows and feeling bloated. Speaking of barns, I've been shopping for boots. I started looking around and found two pair I liked. Slowly, I look at the price tag and they are $2,500 and $4,000. I haven't owned a car worth that much in the last decade. My daddy would call that whiskey taste on a beer budget. I do, however, have buckets of birthday money that I promised I would spend on myself. I came across these boots called "Old Gringo" on the interwebs. I thought that describes me perfectly. I may splurge and get them. Stay tuned. 

I follow this beautiful lady on the Instagram.
One more thing that has no depth. The cashier at the Dollar General in Riverside, Texas was going on and on about how good my man's hair looked. She said that he was so lucky to have such good hair. He told me that I did not need to tell the good people of the internet, but really, how can I keep it from you? His hair is all the rage in East Texas.

Love y'all.


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