Faith And Other Flat Tires by Andrea Palpant Dilley

This book takes you into the autobiographical journey of the time when Andrea departed from her faith to figure out who she really was and what she truly believed. We can follow her through turning to literature, alcohol, men, and her career to seek solace in. She uses great amounts of candor. She even speaks of having a mé·nage à trois on her journey away from her faith. Of course, she begins to find her way home to the church or there would be no book to publish. 

Let me preface this review. I like most every book I read. I enjoy story told by others. I want people to find their way. Unfortunately, this was not the case as I read this book. I kept trying to give myself a pep talk into liking it. Her story is amazing. She spend the first part of her life in Kenya with her parents who were medical missionaries. She was given so many opportunities for growth and unique fellowship. The tone of the book was just plain whiny, however. I kept thinking how nice it would have been to grow up in the security she had, for my parents to still be married (instead of living through 11 marriages), and for my dad to read the Bible to us each night. I have never seen anyone complain so much about being given the gift of the word of God. So, there I sat annoyed. The only thing I was markedly impressed by was what she was willing to share. At the end of the book, my husband asked me if I liked it and I said that her candor was refreshing and reading about a mé·nage à trois in a Christian book was definitely a first for me. Maybe it will grow on me. Happy reading.


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