Gomer: Glory to God

Well, friends of Gomer, I have no idea where the last few days of my life have gone. It has been wild and crazy. It seems that every spare moment of my life has been taken up with small children, lovely friends, and counseling. That's good with me. I just missed writing in this space. I missed all of you dear people. You won't believe this, but I'm a little tired. I know. How could I be tired? My belly is growing more and more each day. I love it. Babies are a rich blessing.

Things are crazy around here as always. There has been some intense warfare this week at all of the camps. I obviously can't go into details for you, but we would all covet your prayers. May God's healing grace abound.

We have two and a half weeks left here at camp. Getting away from the day to day grind at our house is always productive for me. I can think about fundraising and pray fro direction and clarity without being in the thick of the project. I'm thankful for that. It also amazed me. This place is constantly on the move. How I get anything done is bewildering.

God has been expanding my capacity for grace this summer. I am thankful beyond words for the gift from God. What is God doing in your life right now?

love y'all.

Here are some creations I have sold the last few weeks. Support Gomer's House by visiting my Etsy store.


maggie may said…
lovely. miss you!

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