Well-Driven Nails by Byron Yawn

I have had this book on my wish list for a while and the other day, I just up and bought it. I am so glad that I did. This man expounds on Christ so simply and with great clarity and passion. I mean, we have all read enough books about how to help God along. This is simply about simple exposition of the beautiful word of God and the reformative power of the cross of Christ. 

There were several things that touched me as I was reading. Mostly, everything went back to the cross. That ministered so sweetly to my soul. In talking about how we are obsessed with being relevant, he examines the passage where Paul is writing on marriage. Byron said a few simple words that really spoke to me in this. This passage isn't a tip guide on being a better spouse. Marriage is a picture of substitutionary atonement. This has to be the most profound statement I have heard on the subject. I'm still processing it. I see another blog post coming.

This is a great book for any preacher or anyone who wants to be reminded of the beautiful simplicity must share the gospel with.


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