A Reading by Laomai

When you walk into my house, the first thing my four-year-old will ask you is if she can read you a book. I made the cutest video of her reading the first chapter of Mr. Popper's Penguins to me. It's somewhat bittersweet because she wants to read to me more than she wants me to read to her. I just thought I would share. If you are thinking of homeschooling and think it is daunting, be encouraged. I taught her to read using sidewalk chalk and alot of play. She loves reading. Enjoy.


Stephanie said…
I love this. My mouthed just dropped open when I heard her reading so rapidly. What a gift she has!
amynadkins said…
Amazing! Not only am I amazed at how well she can read at such a young age, I am also in love with her little adorable voice!
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you! She'll love your comments.

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