Gomer's Washing Up

You're thinking to yourself that things couldn't get any more exciting around here. You're wrong, friends. We've just kicked it up a notch. That's right. Now we are cooking with gas. Figuratively speaking, of course, because I currently have an electric stove. We have had an exciting week of cleaning out our utility room and outfitting our carriage house to use as a workroom. I bought foam board for the kitchen ceiling with my art money and Denbigh has been putting it up. I did a little booth at a holiday bazaar in Kyle and sold some paintings. And, glory be, the dream sink came. The Fed Ex people looked a little frightened by us because our whole family was running to the door like a herd of stampeding elephants. I tried to capture the entire adventure for you. Please revel in the photography.

Before you do, I've been thinking about starting my own little version of meals on wheels. I don't want to infringe on their name or anything so I thought I'd call mine Meals on Foot. Anywho, I know lots of widows and people who could use some general cheer around here, so I just started taking them food and goodies. I've been doing this with little fanfare. When I cook, I make extra and then I take it to a friend. Now, I'm asking for others to help me. Tuesday, my friend Jan and I walked around delivering dozens of cookies to random houses. It was lovely and we ended up visiting with some nice people. What shall we take next week?
The ring box our college student made for his fiance.
These two infamous love birds were celebrating the weekend of their 40th wedding anniversary (by buying a piece of art from me.).
The ring he made.
That's right. Read that. Professional. And it only cost me $4.99.
The best part of getting a big box. Playing in it.
Shadow puppets before our Christmas movie night.
The dream sink. Baby added for dramatic effect. I have had my eye on this fabulous sink for almost 3 years. I have patiently waited for it. I absolutely love cooking for as many people in the town as I can and as you saw above, I want to serve my community in the kitchen. I couldn't be more excited about this new addition to our house. Who wants to come build cabinets around it?


Rachelle said…
I love the Meals on Foot idea. That is amazing :)
Glad you got your sink :)

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