Gomer's Got Bite

A few years ago Denbigh and I thought we could never get a home. Then we got our first home. We got pregnant and I started asking God for a 4 door car. I thought God was going to help my husband make the extra money to get the car. Instead, my Abba sent a man with no job to hand me the keys of his car. When God put the vision for this Respite into our hearts, there was no doubt in my mind that "we" could never afford to do it. After nine months of homelessness, we were pointed to a house that was comparable in price to our old house, which was one forth the size. Each project we undertake is payed for by prayer. God sends the funds and the volunteers. Genuinely, each day we live a miracle. It is tough and hard won. That is part of the beauty. 

A while back, my husband and I were discussing the people who say they get gold teeth during worship. His comment was that if God had done it, why wouldn't He make their teeth whole like they were before.

I have needed some serious dental work for a while. With each baby I lost, I felt like a tooth would crack and about fall out of my mouth. We paid the thousands of dollars to get some of it done, but could not get it all done. I had pretty much resigned myself to my teeth falling out and me getting dentures. I kept asking God if He would fix my teeth. God sent someone to me to fix my teeth. I never asked. They didn't know. Jesus had whispered it into this person's heart. Today, I completed that treatment plan. I think I must have had six visits to the office. I cannot even surmise how much this would have cost me if I had to pay for it. All I know is that God answered me. He went beyond what I could ask for or imagine. He didn't give me gold teeth, but He, in His mercy, made my teeth whole. He restored me. I am thankful to the Lord today with tears of joy. It is not just because He did what I asked Him to do, but in knowing that He sees me and that He cares.


Rachelle said…
thanks for sharing... I am happy for you :)
Jennifer said…
One of my favorite passages of scripture is Matthew 6:25-34. We cannot even fathom how much He cares for us... even our teeth. :) What a sweet Father He is to you. Thank you for sharing how He is loving on you. So glad your teeth are better. I'm not fond of dentists and don't have good teeth either... I don't imagine the work you had done was very fun.

By the way, I look forward to reading your blog during my nightly blog reading after everyone has gone to sleep. I love hearing your heart and reading how God is speaking to you. It moves my heart.

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