Have a New Kid by Friday

My husband and I read together a bit each day and we recently grabbed a copy of Kevin Leman's famous book. Of course we weren't necesarily looking to have a new kid. We were looking at being better parents. We try really hard to help our children become more like Christ and are always looking for resources to help us in that area. We unfortunately didn't have much in the way of role models in this area, so we are always looking for ways to be more Christlike in our leading of our children.

You must know that Dr. Leman's book is about you being a better parent more than it is about you changing your child's behavior. The problems are generally inconsistencies on our part that cause poor reactions in our children. He gives 5 simple days of helpful and simple tips to helping you achieve this goal.

Be consistent in your leading and your rules, never wavering or caving. Learn how to build true worth by edifying behavior instead of praising your child. Set up a family identity and help your children emulate character.

I think I may read this again. There is also a helpful q&a with Dr. Leman in the back of the book.

We actually were a day behind and ended up with a new child on Saturday. Don't give up, even if you get behind. Try. Try again. Don't give up.


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