Seven Days In Utopia

I have had the pleasure of reading several of David Cook's books that are not available for purchase. I have never ceased to be stirred by his passion and love for the Lord. This amazing story was no different.

My mom called me a few weeks ago and told me that I had to go out and see David's new movie. Our moms are dear friends and so she implored me to go. My husband surprised me Thursday and took me on a date to see it. I am completely enamored with it's message. It was a good, inspiring film about what counts in life. I can't recommend it to you enough. I am sitting down to write a letter of thanks to David as soon as I am done with this blog.

On a personal level, this movie ministered to me in what we are doing with our respite. In the movie, a man takes a young man under his wing and lets him stay with him for a week. That week helped him find the Lord and set him on a path that was life altering. I saw a parallel between Gomer's House and Utopia. It made me deeply grateful for the people who have come here and the sweet pace of life God has granted us to minister in. Come visit us . . . after you see the movie.

David's bio:A graduate of Baylor University, Dr. Cook is a devout Christian whose ministry and retreat center in Utopia, Texas has helped transform the lives of countless men and their families. His faith and principles are woven throughout his book and now the movie, SEVEN DAYS IN UTOPIA, where he is credited as a screenwriter. In addition to his ministry, he is a renowned sports psychologist who has been at the center of action in the sports world where he has helped professional athletes, from teams including the San Antonio Spurs and Washington Wizards, deal with the benefits and downfall of their fame and success. Golf Digest named him one of the top 10 Mental Game Experts in the country.

Dr. Cook is one of the country’s top sport psychology consultants and motivational speaker. He has worked with over 100 PGA Tour players, been a featured speaker at two PGA National Teaching and Coaching Summits, and directed the PGA’s Playing Pschology Workshops for the past 14 years. Dr. Cook also serves as sport psychology coach to the 1999 World Champion San Antonio Spurs (1996-present), and has worked with top performers in the NFL, Major League Baseball, Olympics, collegiate national championship teams, and Fortune 500 companies. His peers elected him president of the National Sport Psycholoy Academy in 1992. Dr. Cook served as Director of Applied Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Kansas from 1984 -1996. He currently serves as President of Mental Advantage, Inc. a performance enhancement firm bridging the gap between the arenas of sport and business.

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Warren Baldwin said…
Sounds like a movie I'll have to see. And will have to check out some of his books.

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