Replenish the Nutrients in the Soil.

I couldn't do this when we lived in the city or in the suburb, but now, I compost pretty much everything we eat. There is also a method called bio-intensive gardening where you dig holes and put in all the grass cuttings and other waste products after harvest. Under the ground they are allowed to naturally biodegrade and replenish the soil with nutrients. 

As I was throwing leftover bits of strawberries out in my yard the other day, I had a thought. I think this might be a theme for me. Replenishing the soil is really what I want to do across the board in my life. I hope to see a community revitalized around me, and a family centered around Christ, and children brought up in the favor and admonition of the Lord. It will be a hard won fight. I think I will have to dig many holes and leave the things I placed there to weather the elements and become what I hope they will be.

I went to church as a child, but my home life contradicted my church life immensely. I had a head knowledge of Christ, but never really saw that lived out until much later in life. Of course, I spent many years feeding my own sin nature and repeticiously doing what I saw. I want to change that for my family and my children. I want to replenish the soil in our spiritual and natural lives. I'm digging holes and throwing things in all around. Our days are full of the word of God and rich lessons on the fruit of the Spirit. We constantly try to find ways to act these things out so that we can emulate sight seen lessons. My husband and I are trying to give our children a Christ-centered upbringing in the stead of a compartmentalized secular/church life. God is faithful to come where He is invited and nourish what He is asked to nourish.

We are also trying to match our eating habits to our diet. Right now, we are working though "Eat This and Live." Great book to help you rid your life of the chemicals, death, and ashes we feast on in the common american diet.

How will you replenish your soil?


Warren Baldwin said…
This is a great philosophy. I think you have the basis for a great book here, documenting and explaining what you are doing, why, theological rationale, etc. Very interesting. Ah, "Terribly Interesting" :)

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