Gomer: A New Ceiling

 Here is a brief photo journey of our week. The above pic is the top of our 4 year old's closet. My husband was adding some foam insulation to it.
 This is my new home health vacuum. It says it cleans the air while you are vacuuming.
 My silly girl jumping in the picture while I was trying to show her closet. I had stripped and stained her door. Denbigh hung it back up.
Here you can see the solid pine ceiling being covered with foam. Don't be sad that we are covering it. It is so dark that it gets dreary and so drafty that it is the same degree inside as out.
 A sign in my daughter's room.
 Denbigh putting up some foam.
 The door and the moulding are stained. Now to do the trim around the door.
You can catch a glimpse of how much brighter it is in her room with the white ceiling.


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