Gomer: Resurrection

 Denbigh and Joel built this ceiling where there was a big ugly gaping hole to the duct work and the third floor. I must say I am pretty impressed. When is the last time your man built a ceiling? 
 Here is what generally happens after work days. Laomai passes out. She goes 110 mph all day long and then crashes. A few weeks ago we had to take everything out of every room so we could insulate. All of this stuff ended up in the conservatory, my studio/office. Just so you can see what I am up against, I have included a pic for you to see. Most of the stuff has come back out. See below what I am left to put away. Pray for me. Also, I am room by room trying to clean little tufts of insulation out from under chairs and in every corner. Say a little prayer for my sanity. I keep listening to Charlie Hall's Mystery. It says, "sweet Jesus Christ, my sanity." Amen.

 Here are some pics of the tomfoolery that occurs here during the day.
 I got up on a ladder and helped my man hang that top sheet of drywall. I must say, I am pretty impressed with myself. It's great to see the brown getting covered and radiant light emerging. 
My man and I are feeling led to start a church (apart from our house church). I must say that this is a testament to God's healing because after enduring abuse by a church leader, I wasn't sure that I would want to do this again. That really upset me because I have loved church all of my life. It had been the only place I felt safe for most of my life. I want to help make a safe place for people to come to meet Jesus. Here we go on another wild adventure. Church planting. Home Schooling. House Restoring. Retreat Having. Worship Leading. Traveling. Crazy people for Jesus.


SlowlyGrowing said…
You are an inspiration! I'll be praying for you and the goal of a new church.

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