Gomer: Oh. My. Stars.

Well, fans of Gomer's House, it is a never ending adventure here. This past week we had people here every day prepping the second floor bedrooms for insulation. Saturday, a group from Hope Mission Church in Austin came to help finish the insulation and hang some sheetrock. The above pictures are of Laomai's room. It's walls are now replete with drywall. Her ceiling needs to have foam insulation and drywall installed. There were many things done. I will keep updating with more pictures every Thursday.

Tuesday night, the temperature was dropping as the arctic front moved on in. By morning, rolling blackouts were occurring. Our second blackout caught something on fire within our grid system and shut down our power for a total of 9 hours.  It was COLD here, friends. We couldn't eat. My husband tried to make hot dogs over a diesel fire. They tasted like diesel. Our toilets and pipes froze up when our heat went out. As Andy, Stephen, and Denbigh were outside digging holes in these frigid temps (to pour concrete and start leveling the house), I sat there staring at my breath and my two little girls and I started crying. So, we got in the car and drove around all afternoon. We hit Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, and Dairy Queen before they day was over. By 8:30 we were back home with the power on and beginning the process of thawing the pipes. 

You know, our privileges are abundant. We could be without a home. We could be without heat. We could be without help. God is gracious. As I was getting frustrated today, my daughter said, "Praise." So we did. Praise Him. We know that You are for us, Abba!

As we were driving around, we came by this house that burned down a month ago. One of our neighbors was cooking meth. He had severe burns all over his body and he died on Sunday. His wife survived the fire. Please take a minute to say a prayer that the spirit of addiction will be broken in our area. Pray for us as we seek to pour out the love of Jesus here in our own mission field. May many come to Christ.May God provide for the work here.


Mindy said…
That picture is heartbreaking. Thanks for doing what you do.
Stephanie said…
I think I may have to get kleenex out BEFORE I read your posts...

I love that your baby said "Praise"! what a testament to her upbringing. Love it!

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