Gomer: Frosty the Hole Digger

You thought we were crazy when we moved to the middle of nowhere to restore a 5,500 square foot house. We're not the only ones. Andy and Stephen Faught came to our house last week to dig holes in the freezing weather. It's bad enough inside the house because of it not being fully insulated. These crazy guys came to work outside...in the snow. They even worked under the house where there is no sun to deflect the chill. Our neighbor Eddie showed up to get in on the fun as well. 

"What on earth are these mad men doing?" They are saving us fifteen thousand dollars. That is what it would cost for a company to level our house. They are digging holes and filling them with concrete for greater stability. It's really fascinating.

Lots of other things have been occurring here as well. Drywall is going up. Electrical boxes. Fountains hanging. Ceilings put up. Keep checking in on all of our pictures. 


maggie may said…
wow! how wonderful! exciting happenings around your place!

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