Preacher, Repent!

On September 10th and 11th, Denbigh and I (along with our dear friends Micah and Jana Beard) were blessed to attend The Greater Cause. It was a conference put on for pastors. The speakers were Jim Dennison and Anne Graham Lotz. As Mr. Dennison was preaching out of the book of Amos (a shepherd become prophet), I clearly had an understanding of a great need we have in the church in America. He hit the nail on the head. Our pastors need to repent. We need to stop being professionals and submit our lives to the Lord. I would also say that many simply need salvation. I know, it seems such a crazy thing to say that we could have a man in the pulpit who was not a believer, but Christian culture isn't that hard to master. We can easily learn and do and say spiritual things when our hearts are black. A few years ago, I started praying this over the pastors of our churches in America. May they repent or come to saving faith so that the lost, the abused, the abandoned could look on them and see Jesus. May we all see Jesus. 

I loved that when the altar was opened up for people to repent that all of these older, well-established pastors flooded it. May a wave of revival come as we repent so that many might follow.



Darlene said…
I grew up as a Catholic, and I am convinced that many of the priest were not saved. It was a career choice, much as one would choose to be a carpenter or a dentist. I didn't even realize they weren't until I was saved. The differences between the saved and unsaved, was subtle, but obvious to me in my baby Christian life. Priest that taught more about what psychologists had to say than about what God's word had to say was one of the heartbreaking obvious differences.

Sadly, I think that you are on target even when one considers just the protestant church. One of my beloved pastors called the institutions for higher religious learning "Cemetary" schools because they are often turning out the living dead. If you go to a Seminary because it seems like a nice career or you just want to help people then you are a zombie. You are living dead that walk around sucking the life out of souls. But if you are a pastor that lays down his life for the sake of others coming to know the true and living Jesus Christ because of the profound life giving experience that you've had because He died to save you from your sins, wretched sinner that you are, THEN you are finally alive and able to give the love out that He gives you and able to REALLY help others by leading them to know Him, the source of eternal life.

I pray that if you are a pastor that is in a career, that you repent, and die to yourself and your desires and put on Christ so that you are alive and able to truly serve.

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