Gomer: More Baby Room

The nursery is miraculously coming along. I wish I had taken a picture of it all filled with junk. You can see what it looked like before anything had been done. In the last few weeks, it has begun coming together in a way we never thought possible in s short amount of time. A group from Houston came out for our work day and helped blow insulation in the walls. This was comical and through trial and error, quite a bit of it landed downstairs in my laundry room. This amazing crew also began the process of sheetrocking the room. This past week a pastor from Austin called and came out to help finish the drywall process. On this past Saturday, our neighbor who is a handyman showed up and asked if he could tape and float the room. Now, it has been textured. We purchased paint. Can you believe that? I didn't even have it on my to do list because I didn't think it was feasible. Now, we have the ceiling left to insulate and finish out. Following that is the floor. Then, we decorate. Can you believe that? 

Another amazing thing: Our crib had been recalled and the company shut down. No one could seem to help us with what to do with it. There were warnings everywhere about attempting to fix the crib yourself. Hope Mission Church in Austin got together and threw us a baby shower and gave us a crib. Funny thing, God told me in advance that they were going to do that. I think He just wanted me to know that it was a gift straight from His hand. Isn't He good.
 filling in the cracks in the floor.

Our neighbor came to float and tape.
Look at the top picture and then this one. Amazing difference. already.


Jennifer said…
Yes, he is, amazingly good and loving, and He does take care of his children. I love seeing how God works in your life. The nursery is looking awesome! Can't wait to see how you decorate it!
maggie may said…
I'd love to be a fly on the wall during conversations between you and God. Imso excited

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