Food: The Nubian Queen - Austin, TX

 I thought it would be fun to go to the Nubian Queen with my friend Kristi last Saturday. It was quite the adventure. Let me tell you about Nubian Queen Lola. She loves Jesus. She shuts down every Sunday to feed the homeless. She runs this tiny restaurant by herself. The digs are fun. You can't quit looking around at the wild stuff everywhere. If you blink, you will drive right past it. These were tiny snippets of our evening.

We arrived the same time as the evening rush...nine other people. Lola was there working alone and trying to make all of our food at once. We had a cajun tea for our wait of an hour and a half to get our food. The fun part is that there are only three tables in the whole place. You end up sitting with people you don't know. By the time you leave you feel like you know everyone in there. It was a really fun atmosphere. 

I had the catfish and shrimp plate which I thought was good. Kristi had the shrimp po' boy which was not up to her Cajun standards. Oddly, we had a fun time even though we were there for two hours. The unique blend of people that came in were beyond interesting. At the end of our evening two college age girls came in wearing formal dresses and Mardi Gras masks. Kristi told them that they couldn't wear their masks in there and they almost left until she told them she was joking. If you like to people watch and see the wild flavors of Austinites, check out the Nubian Queen. Even if you don't eat there, take her some water or food to help her feed the homeless. 

Everyone who came in after us seemed to get their food in a normal amount of time. I think we came in with the rush. Check out the queen! Also, there were things we saw during our evening that you will just have to ask us about.


Warren Baldwin said…
Sounds like a neat place! I would like to visit it. wb

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