Gomer's Working It

Most people who would hear about what we are doing think we have lost our minds. Who restores a house when they are pregnant? Us. Thankfully, there are people who have a heart for Christ and see our vision. Those people continually flow into our home and work like they were getting paid . . . a lot. They get dirty. They get really dirty. Then they smile and eat and tell us what a good time they had. During a period of eight days, we had over 30 people swarm our home and work like mad. We now have a 2nd bath (with shower) on our first floor. There is very little left to do in order to finish it out. The nursery on the 2nd floor has been insulated and partially drywalled. The blown-in insulation was a comical, frustrating, trial and error project. A huge thank you to every one who worked on it. Just 19 more rooms to go. (insert crazy laughter). Drywall was hung, paint was removed, and lights were installed. Through all the mess and dirt, there was something beautiful. I wish you could see it. We would love for you to see it. People thanking us and genuinely grateful to serve. It is overwhelming every time I think of it. God has done a work in all of our hearts. Come see for yourself. Take a tour. We'll even make you supper. Thank you again to everyone who came to help. You are a sweet, aromatic gift to us. You are always welcome here.

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