Gomer's Bonfire of the Vanities

We didn't actually light any vanities on fire (besides our own). The pedestal sink in our bathroom accidentally got broken during a work day and we needed to replace it. We had been wanting a vanity with a bit of storage for the bathroom for quite some time. Here is a picture of the display model. The one we ordered is the next size up. I long for it to come so that I can show you pictures of us brushing our teeth at it!

I prayed for a few things to get done soon. The bathroom(s), the baby room, the kitchen, and insulation. We are ripping down all the drywall in our bathroom and replacing it with the kind that is mold resistant. Right now, the bathroom is REALLY ugly and depressing. All the solid wood pine walls are exposed. The clawfoot bathtub needs refinishing. Shelves need to be built. Dry wall needs to be hung. The vanity needs to be installed. 

This may sound depressing, but it is kind of exciting. Every day something here becomes more beautiful than the day before. We hung some more drywall on Tuesday. Next week, the epic tale of our new vanity will ensue and our lives will be glorious! 

Adding it up: the vanity was $500.00 and the fixtures were $89.00. The hundred dollars worth of dry wall was given to us. 
Answers to prayer!



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