Food: Jack Allen's Kitchen

If you are looking for an excellent date place, Jack Allen's is a hot spot. It's rustic elegance makes it a perfect Texas experience. Sitting under the covered patio was quite comfortable, even in July. The service was befitting the atmosphere of laid back hospitality. All around, it was exquisite. 

Now, what you really want to know. What did I eat? 

Chicken Nachitos Slow roasted chicken, black beans, American cheese, cotija cheese and house pickled jalapeno. The black beans and cotija cheese  on these made me melt.

13 Spiced Chicken Pasta Red pepper linguini, spinach linguini, fresh jalapenos, chipotle cream and cotija cheese. The pasta was perfectly spiced and the raw jalapenos were divine. Dive in if you like a little spice.

Lastly, I had a chocolate mousse topped with ganache and garnished with a slim praline. It would be worth going for all on it's own. Fabulous.

Oh my! I will be seeing you again, Jack Allen.



Emily said…
This sounds YUMMY! I will have to make sure I get at least one visit in.

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