Terribly Interesting (part deux)

This "Terribly Interesting" thing is really catching on. Who knew you could inspire people by becoming inspired! I think I should market a t-shirt. It will say, "You wish you were this terribly interesting." I also think a line of terribly interesting dark chocolate is probably in order. All I know is that everyone I have told or has been told has been inspired to do something new in their life. People are painting, writing, applying for master's degrees, gardening, singing, buying a mandolin or taking up harmonica. It is terribly interesting to see. I encourage you to do the one thing you would love to do and long to do but don't.
Pursue life.


Melissa said…
You need another shirt that says:
"yes, I AM fabulous. Thank you" or
"yes, I DO look gorgeous today. Thank you"

I'll have 1 of each in medium, please. :-)
22One7.org said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
22One7.org said…
You are too funny! You do look fabulous though. I should blog about our new compliment reception system.

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