Is Denbigh Terribly Interesting?"

My husband has declared himself to be Terribly Interesting. He says he fits all the criteria. Here is what he thinks makes his claim credible:

*He loves Jesus and lives his faith out in tangible ways.

*His name is Denbigh.

*He has a cat named Kevin Bacon.

*He is married to me.

*He is a musician with long hair.

*He is funny.

*He believes dark chocolate is a food group.

*He can swing dance.

I told him that he probably needs one more quirky thing to put him over the top. Also, I named the cat. He steals my jokes and my chocolate! I will let you decide his fate. Is he terribly interesting?


suzi said…
Well, what I think is terribly interesting is how many amazing similarities and devestating differences there are between our husbands... So, is my husband terribly interesting? Let me know if he makes the grade:

*He loves Jesus and lives his faith out in tangible ways.

*His name is Cosmo.

*He has never had a cat.

*He is married to me.

*He is an inventor with no hair.

*He is funny.

*He is allergic to dark chocolate.

*He can swing dance, ballroom dance, and country and western dance.

suzi said…
Denbigh can also do those other dances. Maybe they are twins.

On the Cosmo front, I would have to vote him terribly interesting. The bald inventor thing really puts him over the top.
Anonymous said…
I vote that both your husbands are terribly interesting, as are their wives!

May mine and me be just as interesting as you and yours! said…
He already is. (wink)

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