Halfway to the Peak?

I was rereading some of my journaling from the past few months and came across some interesting quotes from great authors. I thought I would put them here to pique your interest. Enjoy.

*"Mediocre comes from 2 words meaning halfway to the peak." - AW Tozer

*"Jesus often withdrew." Luke 5:16 Jesus often went to a solitary place.

*"We testify to His Scripture but we refuse to come to Him to have life." -Nancy Demoss

*"It is a disservice to the female body of Christ to allow people/friends to be self-absorbed or to be self-absorbed ourselves. It hinders repentance. As God softens the heart, they still cannot see past themselves." - I think I wrote that.

*"The greatest human tragedy is to give up the search." - John Eldredge

... more to come


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