The Rest of God

A few weeks ago I read a book by Mark Buchanan called the Rest of God. It is about restoring your soul by restoring Sabbath. I truly enjoyed this book. It inspired me to take the tv out of the living area and put on some classical music. I thought I would share the highlights with you. I cannot remember everything I wanted to share since I am pregnant. Bear with me and try to get the main points.

*" For those who number their days aright gain wise hearts. Only they become God's sages: those calm, unhurried people who live in each moment fully savoring simple things, celebrating small epiphanies, unafraid of life's inevitable surprises and reverses, adaptive to change yet not chasing after it. Able to pray with those who pray."

*"The driven get caught up in their striving and forget their purpose."

*Time hoarders: The truly purposeful have an ironic secret. They manage time less and pay attention more."

*"The logic of Sabbath in Deuteronomy: Don't remove what God has placed. Don't gather and piece back together what God smashed and scattered. Don't place yourself in a yoke that God broke & tossed off with His own hands. Just as we ought not pull asunder what God has joined, so we ought not join what God has pulled asunder."

*" We refuse to rest as though we are controlled by a task master. Rest is a condition of freedom."

There is an idea that we have become hurried in everything. Our brand of worship and church are hurried. We mock anyone who does not subscribe to our branding. We are so fierce to guard our time and agonize over how little of it we have and how we use it that we are ineffective with it. We need to learn to listen. We need to be still. Satan is stealing our time by causing us to hoard it for ourselves.

Life is in the interuptions.

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