Y'all. We Ate.

I wanted to post some Easter pics. We had a lovely gathering of family and friends here throughout the day. I am sad to say that I did not get a picture of the table full of people, but know that it was awesome. We had so much food and lovely fellowship. There were six pies, five kinds of meat, homemade beans and mashed potatoes. Let's all shout a hardy amen. It was joyous. If you don't have plans next year, join us at our table.
Look at the cute rosettes on this pie.
Daisies are the friendliest flower.
We love our semi-half adopted son, Cat. He came and entertained us all with his wit, brilliance, and musical prowess. Some of our other favorite people came as well. You can see a couple of the Guenther family here in this photo. I'm sure you will see more of them later. I would also like to thank my step-dad (Babe) for cooking so much of the meat and those mashed potatoes. My mom made rocking cream corn and my neighbor Fritz heated it all up while we were at church. It takes a village, people. 
Here is my Amaryllis in bloom or as I like to call it, the Jerusala Tulipuzi.
Here is a little ditty by our Cat.
I am truly excited to tell you the final version of this tale below one day. All I can say is that Robert walked through quite a bit of personal trauma while he lived at Gomer's House and years later God answered one of his deepest prayers here. I can't wait to fill you in on the details.

The cool part for me was getting to meet someone that I had prayed for every day for years. Of course, she didn't know that. How great it is to be in cahoots with the Holy Spirit.
Then she jumped me in my studio.


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