More Than Just the Talk by Jonathan McKee

A few weeks ago, just days before I received this book, our family was chatting as we cooked in the kitchen. My husband made a comment to my eight-year-old that she had great biceps and told me to look at them. She responded by saying, "What? Of course I am blossoming into womanhood." I leaned in close to Denbigh and asked him if my ears were bleeding and if he could please make it stop. 

She's eight. Oh how I would love to keep her innocent until it's time for her to experience the beauty of sex in marriage. Alas, they tell us that we need to slowly start talking about this now. At eight. A friend of hers tried to explain sex to her when she was four. Thankfully she felt comfortable enough to talk to me about it. I too learned about sex at this age. This is what we are up against.

I appreciated this book because it really gives you a battle plan. I don't think anyone ever gave me any sort of guidance growing up in this area. It's a hard topic to tackle, I know. I remember what I learned on tv, what was going on around me, and one family member told me it was a good idea to live with someone before you marry. You can see that I am not coming to the table fully armed. I have learned a few things along the way thankfully. I have seen hurt and striking grace. The words that I am taking home in this journey are, "stay calm."

Do you know any parent that did that? 

It's like I say, there should be hostage negation books written for parents. This is probably the sex version. If you want to talk someone down from a ledge, don't start a yelling a discourse of the stupidity of their choices. Stay calm. Think about the support you would have liked to have had as you navigated this season of your life. Pray like the dickens to be it and keep breathing. Share the glory of what can be and then help your children through this stormy season when the world flat out wants to assault them and steal their innocence. We are on the battle field, y'all. Don't let your guard down. Be aware. Be calm. Be gracious. Pick up the wounded and get them help. Protect as you can from unnecessary hurt. 

One of the greatest ways to guard a child's heart is to show the deep joy of covenant. Dance in the kitchen with your spouse. Show affection to one another. Your kids will have a greater desire for what you have.

If you hear something that makes your ears bleed, come talk to me.

This book was graciously provided for review by Bethany House Publishers.


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