The inScribed Collection

Here is a compilation of the four reviews I posted about the inScribed collection. 


Living So That is one of the four books in the new inScribed collection of studies by women. They are beautifully packaged and marketed. Looking at them, you want to pick them up and read them. 

I attended a Bible study on Romans years ago. I had to take notes the entire time to stay focused because the teaching was dry. I stayed because the content was good. That is how I found this book to be. I had a hard time getting through it. The content was good for the most part, but the delivery could be dry, some what like a Sunday school lesson. It is a mass delivery of the facts. Of course, the Scripture in the pages is wonderful and beneficial. It was simply hard to stay to course with the delivery.

There were other things in the book that turned me off to reading it. Some were quotes. One in particular was a chapter on that story about the two wolves fighting. You have probably heard it. It says there is a good wolf and a bad wolf inside of and the one that wins is the one we feed the most. The bad wolf is to represent the flesh and the devil and the good wolf represents the Holy Spirit inside of us. The chapter is about feeding the good wolf. The problem with this concept is that it is completely unbiblical. The Holy Spirit does not gain power in any way by our actions. He does not need our help to win. The Spirit representation of the Word of God is going to accomplish It's purpose regardless of what we do. This ideology puts the focus squarely where it does not need to be, on me. There were other brilliant things in these pages, but I think it gets too confusing. 

Preaching the gospel to myself.

 #2 Dive Deeper

I just finished up the second book in the Inscribed collection. Unlike the first book, I really enjoyed this one. It was full of great material. I was impressed by the full gamut of topics it covered in its 270 pages. I would definitely give this to someone new to the faith or a friend in need of encouragement.

Jennifer covers some great topics such as our identity in Christ, our role in the body, worship, family, and warfare. I loved it. I found myself sending little snippets of the book on to friends. I think this is my number one gauge for how great a book is. Would I text any of it to my besties or beg them to read it and share it with me. Yes. Maybe I should make that a rating system. Would I give it to my bestie? 4.5 stars of likelihood.

It is a study and it is designed as a study.  There are verses to look up and answers to fill in. It is engaging and encouraging. Grab your copy.

#3 Leaving Ordinary

I recently read the third book in the inScribed collection entitled Leaving Ordinary. The book is about encountering God through extraordinary prayer. I enjoyed reading through the book. It was encouraging to be reminded about our need to call upon our Heavenly Father. I remember reading once that John Piper wrote that you read a book, not for the book, but for the sentences. There will be sentences that stick out to you personally that will speak to you. There are sentences like that is this book. The chapter I loved was about the atonement of Christ being sufficient. The quote that spoke to my heart was from a speaker named Betty Vick.

"You never find, in all of Scripture, the priest examining the sinner [the Israelite] who brought the offering. The priest only examined the sacrifice to make sure that it was without blemish. Praise His holy name that is also true today."


I have come to the last book in the four part inScribed Collection. I have to admit that I saved this book for last because I thought it would be cheesy. Of course, when I saw the title, I thought of the old cult classic Dazed and Confused. I must subscribe to the old adage for this one. 

Never judge a book by it's cover. 

This was by far my favorite one of the four books. If the collection was a bar-be-cue, this book brought the meat. It delves into the biblical text of Habakkuk and tells it like it is. Sometimes, God brings the hammer. Sometimes, God brings change and answers prayers with immense pain. I was struck by how the prophets were very often met face to face with watching the things around them fall apart. I fell head over heels for Habakkuk. I loved him pursuing and loving his God. Pain and suffering are quite often the harbingers for God revealing His healing and glory. I highly recommend this book. I would definitely lend it to my bestie.


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