I Put a Pin on It: Homemade Garlic Salt

I decided to make some homemade garlic salt. I don't like the anti-caking agents and what have you. As I looked up the recipe on Pinterest, I found myself singing, "If you like it, put a pin on it." I may have lost my mind. I am here, mind or no mind, to tell you that the recipe worked. Oh, Lawdy. There is nothing like some fresh garlic salt because it makes amazing guacamole. AMAZING. Look, I even put it in a cute jar just like the picture. 
The mixing bowl part of my food processor cracked and I had to buy a new one. That Target had a Tiffany Blue one there on sale for me. Swoon. The kitchen just stepped into a bit of color happiness.
Here is the pin, friends: Try it. It works. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/168251736054135054/

If you like it, put a Pin on it.


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