Gomer's House

There is a great book about theologian Francis Schaeffer and his family called L'Abri. In it you can read of stories where their family opened their home in the Swiss Alps up to anyone needing respite or curious about Jesus. There would be great theological conversations, warm food served, and beds made for the guests. These people were not people of wealth. They were people of prayer. They asked God for the means to be this hospitable. He graciously answered them.

I share this because people are always asking us what we do with our house. Why would anyone buy a hundred year old mansion to restore? It's hip for Christians to downsize. Well, we wanted to be somewhat of a L'Abri of the South. We travel, lead worship, and speak six months out of the year, but when we are home, we are open to everyone.  Pastors who need healing from hurts inflicted by God's people, missionaries in need of respite, college kids in need of a home (or some chicken), alcoholics, abused spouses, and seekers of any sort. We let people join our family for meal times and devotions. In fact, we have had hundreds of people do so even though we are only half of the way through with our restoration.

We named this house after the prophet Hosea's wife because of the lengths he went to in order to restore her.

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